Origin:  UK > Mexico > Canada  > Bali
Genres:  Freestyle Psychedelic.Glitch, Psybient, Psybreaks, Trance, Phuture Bass, Triphop, PsyDub, Worldbeat, Experimental, IDM
Supported & Toured with:
Ott, Tipper, Gaudi, The Crystal Method, Julian Marley, Transglobal Underground, Asian Dub Foundation, Liquid Stranger, Bluetech, Adham Shaikh, Mix Master Morris, Karsh Kale, Spoonbill, Tetrameth, Photek, Kalya Scintilla, Kraddy, Heyoka
Damian Marley
Kaya Project
Main Stage Festival sets:
USA - Burningman
UK - Waveform
Canada - Shambhala, Motion Notion, Earthdance Vancouver , Entheos Gathering, Diversity, Connect
Bali - Dance for Peace
Mexico - SomaSoundSystem Japan -
Earthdance Fukushima, Green Magic
Featured on Albums with:
Ott, Tipper, Eat Static, Desert Dwellers, Kaya Project Bombay Dub Orchestra, Bluetech, Zion Train, Celt Islam, Zion Train, Kraddy, The Human Experience
Honorary Band Members:Roly Wynne RIP (Ozric Tentacles)
David Abbruzze (Pearl Jam)
Mick Reid - (Celt Islam)
James Hamilton (Sitar Music)
Clara Shandler (Sidewalk Celiist)
The ShaMANoiD is the bridge between the ancient spiritual and ancestral worlds of the Shaman and the magic in the technology of the future humanoid. - A fusion of cutting edge electronica and acoustic tribal, ethnic and world music



Set List

Tech Rider

Hospitality Rider


Label: info@SomaSoundSystem.com


Management: bookings@somasoundsystem.com



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